Cap Digital in the limelight at PRIT

The Paris Region Innovation Tour (PRIT) took place on the 13th of December in Paris at the Cité des Sciences. The sixth annual edition of this trade fair focused on innovation in ICT, health, finance, climate control, city planning and solutions, mobility and sustainable development. This day of encounters, workshops and demonstrations brought together over forty business clusters from around Europe and close to a thousand registered attendees, of which academics, businesses and public players.

PRIT was this fall’s major event in Paris for fostering international partnerships and getting to exchange with the most prominent European players in technological R&D.

As one of the seven Parisian business clusters that co-organised and supported the PRIT, Cap Digital played a major part in showcasing the vitality and potential of the Paris Region, with particular emphasis on the essential contribution of its digital, cultural and creative industries.

Cap Digital held a stand as well as various activities, showing the audience some of the latest innovative projects developed by the digital community and presenting Futur en Seine, the festival for digital life and creativity, which will take place in the Paris Region from the 17th to the 26th of June 2011.

From 9:30 to 11:30, Eduardo Oliveira, in charge of European and International projects at Cap Digital, held a workshop called “Domotics in the School Building”, along with the French Systematic business cluster and the Italian Metadistretto DigitalMediale (MDM). This session dealt with energy consumption, network infrastructures and security systems. It reaffirmed the dynamism of Cap Digital’s “e-Learning & e-Training” community prior to the upcoming January 2011 BETT  show in London, which Cap Digital will be attending.

At 9:40, Patrick Cocquet, Cap Digital’s CEO, took the floor of the venue’s main theatre to talk about the business cluster’s commitment to European R&D and inter-regional cooperation, highlighting its position as one of the few truly international French business clusters.

P1010143b Patrick Cocquet, CEO, Cap Digital

From 14:30 to 15:30, Stéphane Singier, General Curator of Futur en Seine 2011, hosted “Futur en Seine 2011: The perspectives for collaboration in a unique European festival for Digital Life and Creativity”. The workshop presented the festival’s five main themes, its collaborative, meta-festival format, and the recently launched “International village” call for proposals that offers a variety of players to come and exhibit futuristic prototypes in an Innovation Village.

At 17:15, the crowd gathered around the Cap Digital exhibition stand for an exciting demonstration of Blinkster, a free and easy to use mobile application to explore cultural content. This solution developed by Eureva is one of the 25 prototypes shortlisted to be exhibited during Futur en Seine 2011. Its demonstration provided a tangible glimpse of the avant-garde technology the festival will be about.

From 17:45 to 18:30, Andrew Bullen, International Vice-President of Futur en Seine 2011, kept the audience to finish off with a broader perspective, hosting the workshop “Futur en Seine 2011: The perspectives for international collaboration in a unique European festival for Digital Life and Creativity”, which addresed the following themes:
1. The European potential of Futur en Seine 2011 as a creative intervention for collaborating clusters, cities and enterprises.
2. Uniting the creative professional and the “popular”.
3. Scaling up from prototype to service, from regional to European.
4. The European Street Design Challenge, focusing on European Creative Unity within Diversity.

Throughout the day, five innovative projects were presented by four businesses part of Cap Digital:
Digital Alfie (af83) is a pilot project that creates and develops local online communities for cinemas across Europe.
Encre (af83) is a modular framework that aims at organizing, managing and promoting any form of collaborative event.
Concertation-Topos (PERTIMM) works on developing a multi-platform software solution for shared governance.
Teleclasse (ISI) is an e-learning tool that allows for a lesson given by a teacher to take place on line.
Jazz (GOSTAI) is a telepresence robot that allows you to visit an exhibition or fair without having to physically attend. Jazz will be on show during Futur en Seine 2011 as one of the festival’s 25 shortlisted prototypes.

P1010154b P1010157b

Pertimm (Concertation-Topos)                 af83 (Digital Alfie & Encre)

P1010159b P1010162c

ISI (Teleclasse)                                                           Gostai (Jazz)

The event was a huge success. Exhibiting companies hardly had any time to rest, and many tied bonds with international partners for future commercial or technical collaboration. The conferences on Futur en Seine met a truly passionate audience, that contributed by sharing interesting remarks and proposals.

Cap Digital provided much momentum to the PRIT from the beginning to the very end. Even after the exhibition ground was taken down, Gostai’s Jazz robot invited itself to the closing cocktail as a part time waiter, hovering round the evening guests, serving nibbles on a tray.